Media Attention

Here are few links about me on press releases or general websites about machine learning or articial intelligence:

Everyone is a programmer?

An article in the Chinese Business Newspaper (CBN) written by Christina Yao on the possibility for everyone to create their own programs just by speaking.

Le Machine Learning : une menace pour la programmation informatique ?

French article in where I argue that the true goal of machine learning is to reduce the need of programming. It is based on an earlier interview when I was working full time for Xerox.

Will software that writes code alter tech’s script? 2015-08-09

An article in the Financial Time about the software that generate computer code. The author Richard Newton is interested by this domain for a long time. Scott Barstow commented on this.

Programming by teaching 2015-05-06

Public presentation A well-prepared presentation of the company we created with Sebastian Riedel and few others. Link to video.

What is machine learning anyway? 2014-12-20

Xerox Business group WDS blog Some personal thoughts about the impact of machine learning on the society. The is a video summarizing it, and I opolgize in advance for the strong French accent…

Making machines more human

A short article in Geektime website.