Academic collaborations

  • Universit√© Technologique de Compiegne (Antoine Bordes, Nicolas Usunier, Yves Grandvalet): Everest project on knowledge-base factorization and distributed representations. The departure of Antoine to Facebook will probably stop the collaboration.
  • ENS/INRIA (Francis Bach): Structured prediction for text, generative-discriminative learning.
  • University of Helsinki (Arto Klami): AUC grant obtained with Xerox India. Recent oral presentation at ICLR on group-sparse embeddings.
  • UCL (Mark Girolami, Sebastian Riedel and Massi Pontil). Open innovation project between XRCE and UCL. Two impact grant PhD studentships obtained in 2011. Recently, we did a joint project proposal with them.
  • Oxford (Phil Blunsom, Franck Wood and Yee Whye Teh). We obtained two UAC grants with Oxford (UAC grants are direct funding from Xerox to universities)
  • Universit√© Joseph Fourier (Eric Gaussier): PhD studentship (CIFRE grant) obtained in 2014.
  • Bern University of Applied Science (Michael Kachesky): Linked Open Data specialists. Collaboration through the Fusepool project.
  • EPFL (Matthias Seeger). Before Matthias moved to Amazon, we collaborated on a paper on efficient Bayesian learning for matrix factorization. The idea was to use Nakajima closed form solution to VBMF and apply it in complex scenarios with missing and non-Gaussian observations.
  • UTSEU, China (Fabien Pfaender): Collaboration on Dynamicit√© French government project.

Industrial collaborations

  • Treparel (Netherlands): Big data analytics, patent mining. Collaboration through the Fusepool project.
  • Geox (Hungary): Visualization of semantic data. Collaboration through the Fusepool project.
  • Smartmeup (France): Machine learning predictions: a great startup on video-machine learning.


  • Cedric Archambeau, before joining Amazon, was a close collaborator and manager at XRCE. Together, we open a lot of research topics related to textual data modeling. Thanks to his solid network of machine learning researchers, we made a lot of connections with universities (UCL, Oxford, ENS/INRIA, UJF, etc.).
  • Onno Zoeter is a friend and colleague which taught me the basics of economy and mechanism design. We often debated about the pros and cons of the Bayesian methodology ;-)
  • Shengbo Guo, before he left Xerox in 2013, was passionate about preference learning and social media recommendation.
  • Julien Perez In September 2013, Julien joined XRCE
  • Jamie Henderson Jamie joined XRCE in 2013 and we only recently started collaborating in distributed text representation.
    • Andrew McCallum* came to visit our team for a sabbatical in 2009-2010 at XRCE.